How We Do It

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Portuguese Design
Our store is available exclusively online.
It's in Coimbra (Portugal) or while travelling that we work on the creative ideas that later on will transform themselves into your original pieces of clothing.
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High-Quality Sustainable Fabrics

We always try to make a conscious and sustainable choice when buying our fabrics. Dead stock or recycled materials are our preferred options. The fabrics' origin is also very important to us: we value the proximity in our suppliers. We believe in the quality of the Portuguese fabrics that comprise the majority of our pieces.
modelagem e produção portuguesa
Limited Production
Limited production and small quantities are our way to assure the quality of our products and singularity that is at the core of Jacarandá's brand. We develop all our production activities in Portugal, in the regions of Leiria and Coimbra.
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Quality Control

Quality control is something essential for us and we work to deliver a great experience every time.We want your order to be delivered in the best possible way. Your satisfaction is not something we use as a buzzword: it's a key indicator for the sustainability of our business.

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Order and Shipping

Our packages are prepared with care and detail, while we work hard to make sure they are delivered to your home in a timely manner.

Throughout the entire process, we're always available to clarify any doubt or solve potential logistics challenges.