About Us

Jacarandá was born in 2020 as a different approach to the fashion industry and a vision for the future. For us the future of fashion has to include quality, originality, fair work and respect for the environment - that's our gift to you.

To create beautiful pieces that we are proud to design and our customers are proud to wear.

We pay attention to details that most miss and create timeless pieces at our own pace, in Portugal and with a minimal environmental footprint. 

Our atelier is in Coimbra, but our pieces spread color, elegance and creativity all over the world.


A Designer

Art has always been part of my life.

It started with drawings and scribbles, the ones children make, indecipherable... and we grew up together.

It was mainly through cinema that I realized the great taste I had for visual aesthetics.
I was often more attached to period pieces than to the plot itself.

But it was only later that I realized that this was the way I most liked to express myself. I don't see fabric in clothes, but art, stories and love.

It's good to be on this side drawing my dreams. And it's even better to be able to be part of yours, with our pieces.

Silvia Ramalho Silva