Jacarandá takes the name of Coimbra beyond borders

Campeão das Províncias

«Sílvia Ramalho Silva and Ivo Borges, are two young people who left the country's capital to settle in Coimbra and create their professional projects, among which Jacarandá stands out. Born in the middle of a pandemic, Jacarandá recently launched the brand's fourth collection. Named “Diva”, the brand's new creation brings together seven pieces designed for a return to festive environments. The new line was created considering sustainability and conscious production, characteristics that are always present in the brand's creations.”   


Portugal Têxtil

«Diva is the name of the most recent Jacarandá collection, designed for a return to festive environments. Inspired by the crazy 20s and iconic women like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, the new line was created taking into account sustainability and conscious production, characteristics of the brand's DNA.»   

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Interview and Small Product Sample - 7 Wonders


We were invited to give a short interview and show our products on the RTP 1 program, "7 Maravilhas".

The TV show was broadcast live on July 30, 2021, from Coimbra, and was conducted by Vanessa Oliveira and José Pedro Vasconcelos.

Portugal Têxtil

«The Portuguese brand, born during the pandemic crisis, combines elegance and sustainability. The brand's third collection is named "Amor" and takes advantage of dead stock fabrics to create sophisticated fashion pieces that are sold online.»

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Coimbra News
«Jacarandá was born in the middle of a pandemic and is now launching its third collection, about to complete one year of existence. Original and timeless women's clothing, sustainably produced in Portugal, are the proposals of the brand.
And it demonstrates that it is possible to produce high-quality pieces with recycled fabrics.”

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Diana Chaves com vestida Jacarandá na Casa Feliz
VIP Magazine

«Diana Chaves filled Casa Feliz with elegance with an aubergine-colored dress, which is being highly praised. The look used by the presenter is being a success on social networks.

VIP knows that the piece is from the Jacarandá brand. The model is the Geranium.»

SIC Woman
«For another broadcast of the program Casa Feliz, Diana Chaves showed a casual chic look, drawing attention especially for the purple dress, shirt style, fluid and with ruffles. The model stands out, above all, for its versatility, and can be used on a special occasion or on a perfectly normal day.”